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  1. Your Most Imperial Majesty, You are such a whizz with graphics! Thank you very much!
  2. Your Most Imperial Majesty, I would also like one of your sig tags. This is the text I would like on it: I would furthermore like it to look Viking and, if possible, my avatar to be included.
  3. So the army fears orgies and gang rapes by homosexuals.
  4. This Q&A thread is a really good idea, Your Ladyship!
  5. The EZBoard crash. Those were very dark days.
  6. I see. Thank you for your clarification, Your Imperial Highness.
  7. Like there wasn't any more important business to attend....
  8. Having to conclude a sham marriage to be with the one you love. Social backwardness!
  9. He also can cheat on his wife easily because of his irregular working hours and as a doctor he makes a lot of money through his practice so it is possible for him to expensive gifts for his girlfriends without his wife finding out.
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