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  1. * Bjórölla leaves the Imperial Scribery and then returns carrying a tray with another glass of ice-cold mead and hands it to Vilhelm Estridson Knytling. * Here you are! When will your summer holiday begin an d when will you hear the results of your exams?
  2. Would you like another glass of mead? How did your exams go?
  3. Your Majesty, Your wife, Lady Aoife, has arranged for this dinner to celebrate your birthday.
  4. Lady Aoife, King Camillus; Welcome to the Harald Fairhair Tavern!
  5. Karli the Varangian, Where are your areas of interest?
  6. * Bjórölla hands Karli the Varangian a tankard of the best nordic cider available. * Here you are, sir. Cheers!
  7. Karli the Varangian, Welcome to the Harald Fairhair Tavern! Would you like something to drink. For you it is on the house this week.
  8. Vilhelm Estridson Knytling, How have you been doing lately?
  9. * Bjórölla walks into the Imperial Scribery carring a tray with a glass of ice-cold mead. * Vilhelm Estridson Knytling, This glass of mead is hereby offered to you, with compliments of Emperor Harald, as a gesture appreciation for your hard work.
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