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  1. Congratulations, Lady Unna! I have, in my capacity as High Justiciar, been sent this letter by the Shirerithian government, which I have the honour to relay to you:
  2. Lady Law Speaker It has been a privilege and great honour to have served the Storish people as their High Justiciar. I find, however, that I wish to focus my attention and strength on the Hurmu diaspora. Accordingly, in the elections for the term starting in Sokkvabekk, I do not intend to stand. I remain loyal to the people.
  3. Lady Law Speaker, In the absence of a debate on the matter, I move to adopt this bill by unanimous consent.
  4. Lady Law Speaker, Honourable Jarls, Allow me to pray to the Supreme Goodness in the ways of my ancestors. Feel free to join me in this evocation. Supreme Goodness! By the holy waters of the Lakes, through the wonders of our world, may you spread by holy rain across the planet, purify the world, purify our hearts to that our environment and our souls may be open for your wisdom, and that whatever decision this Althing may take today, may it be so that it will reflect the supreme goodness of your holy water. We are Hurmu.
  5. Though I have walked through out the world around, And seen the sun and rain Upon the foreign ground; Back home I sail, to see the Viking shore, The Stormark that I love, the land of tale and lore. Across the sea, whatever foes may be, Stormark will always be, my home eternally. My sword has clashed, steel biting hardened steel, My comrades side by side, no coward thoughts we feel; But once back home, with peoples warm and pure, My sov'reigns strength is all, I need to be secure. Across the sea, whatever foes may be, Stormark will always be, my home eternally.
  6. LETTER OF CONGRATULATIONS TO THE RIGHT HONOURABLE THE FIRST CONSUL OF THE EMPIRE OF THE ALEXANDRIANS FROM HIS EXCELLENCY THE HIGH JUSTICIAR OF THE REALM OF STORMARK Madamme la Première consule I would like to extend to you the congratulations of the entire government of Stormark on your appointment to and subsequent confirmation of First Consul of the Empire of the Alexandrians. I very much look forward to working with you. Stormark and Alexandria are long allies. We have trod many paths together, helped one another in the darkest chapters of our histories, and remai
  7. Lady Law Speaker It is the object of the Storish government to have good relationships with all countries in its geographic vicinity. Constancia is a friend of Stormark. Having fought the evil Jingdaoese bravely – and thereby protecting our Longships Islands from the terror of Sisera – we must secure a close and trusted relationship. In recognition of that object, we offered Constancia free access in the waters around the Longships Islands so that Constancian trade will not be impeded by our politics. That, Lady Law Speaker, is friendship. I move that the Althing adopt this bill by u
  8. Lady Law Speaker, I thank the Applejarla for her amendments, and move to vote on the bill as amended.
  9. The Imperial Government has received, with shock and despair, the news of the murdering of Her Most Bovic Majesty Asara, Empress of the Natopians. The Imperial Government condemns in the strongest possible ways this callous act, and calls upon the responsible to be brought to justice. The entire Storish nation is with its Natopian sister-nation in these terrible times. What Natopia endures, we feel, too. Our thoughts and our prayers focus on the plight of our Natopian siblings. In the midst of this calamity, Adam Anushiruwân, thought to be responsible for the murder of Empress Asara, has t
  10. Lady Law Speaker, I object. Let me clear for my objections. I do not object to the admittance Nathan Aharsi (though there is a typographical error in the bill as to his name) but of his naming as emperor of the Natopians. Until the Natopians, in line with their constitution, have confirmed the next emperor or empress of Natopia, the Storish government must remain neutral on that matter. If we name someone an emperor in another country, and that country's authorities agree on another name, then our relationship witht hat country will be severely compromised. In these volatile ti
  11. Your Imperial, Royal and Riverine Highness What joy it was to hear the congratulations from you acting on behalf of Our Lady the Radiant Sun, Kaiseress Noor of Shireroth, Princess of Hvalafell. Please accept my deepest gratitude for your warm wishes, and please, my lord, extend to Her Imperial Magnificence my most heartfelt thanks. Indeed, my Lord, the relations between Stormark and Shireroth go a long way back. And they shall last for decades and centuries more. On a personal note, Her Imperial Magnificence honoured me by letting me officiate the marriage between her Radiance and your
  12. BY THE HIGH JUSTICIAR OF STORMARK A WARRANT OF APPOINTMENT Let it be known that I, Sir Vilhjalm Kormak of the House of Bjarngeir, Knight of the Holy Lakes, High Justiciar of Stormark, Right Hand of the High King, High King's Navigator and First Mate of the Longship of State, First among Equals, Guardian of the Hall of Freyr, acting under the third article of the second chapter of the High Law, do hereby make the following appointments to the High Council of the Realm: Her Royal Highness Lady Unna of Skálavík of the House of Vanadís, Bloodroyal and Jarla of Freyja's Necklace, Royal Chieftai
  13. My fellow citizens, thank you so much. Yes, I will require your help in setting up a government. News will be posted!
  14. At the ruins of Harald's Holdfast a crowd has assembled. In the center of the crowd, which is composed of Stormarkers of all ages and from all walks of life, stands the newly elected High Justiciar of Stormark, Vilhjalm Kormak of the House of Bjarngeir. "Fra Havet, Hæder!", the High Justiciar proudly calls out, the crowd repeating those ancient words in unison. Then, from a cauldron of gold filled with a mixture of waters taken from worship waters from each of the Twenty-Six Jarldoms, the High Justiciar solemly casts the various aquatic liquid to the winds. To the North; to Gularike. To
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