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  1. Su Señoría, The defence hereby accepts the proposal for a trial agenda by the Lord Johathan.
  2. Su Señoría, The defence hereby nominates the Lord Stellus Yastreb of Lunaris as a Magistrate ad hoc.
  3. Su Señoría, Those poor innocent patriots who are being railroaded by the Storish Evil Empire will be defended by me, Princess Calamidad Carrillo of Alexandria, their lady knight in shining armour. I will shortly bring up my nominee for magistrate ad hoc.
  4. Those rags will, of course, be burned!
  5. We won't wait for that. We are going to liberate Arviður from the evil doctors who are holding him against his will.
  6. What about giving you a little hand by engineering a tragic leathal accident involving uncle Arkadius? But I, of course, expect something in return.
  7. Are you surprised, my dearest cousin?
  8. I bought aunt Iphigénie a dildo as a gift. At first she didn't know what it really was and thought that it was a piece of exotic art. When I explained to her what a dildo is used for she started to scream hysterically and running around through the Imperial Palace of Wesloderia as a madwoman with rabies untill she collapsed and got into a coma. After aunt Iphigénie woke up from her coma she needed months of therapy to get over this.
  9. As long the Udallers you date are good fucks there is nothing wrong with dating them.
  10. Uncle Edgard, Has aunt Iphigénie already forgiven me for what I have done to her?
  11. Indeed! Of course! Would I ever disappoint you behaving otherwise? That would be great. We could have a wild night on the town full of beeer, beach boys and bar fights. There is indeed nothing better than sharing the mischief, hey?
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