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  1. Christo Eucalyptos and his wife, Valentina Eucalyptos-Hansel, arrived and greeted Lady Wenche.
  2. A conference has been convened by the Micras Treaty Organization to discuss the recent Batavian regulations in the Strait of Barbary. All MTO members are encouraged to attend. Secondary to resolving the Barbary Straits situation, the conference also hopes to determine standards relating to maritime claims. As Stormark is directly affected by the Batavian regulations on the Barbary Strait, you have been invited directly and the conference will not begin until a representative from Stormark has arrived. Even though your shipping routes in the area are not disturbed, it is the MTO's desi
  3. The vote to establish new voting procedures has been successful. Therefore, the first such "Voting Day" will be held on Monday, December 12 (beginning at 12:01AM UTC). The voting period will last until Friday, December 16 (12:01AM UTC). While not every Monday will begin a voting period, MTO Representatives are encouraged to begin checking the MTO every Monday in the event of a vote or to debate on other measures previously introduced. The vote on Monday is in regard to expelling Normark and the Islamic Internet Republic on account of inactivity and removal from the MCS. Debate is cur
  4. There is currently a vote regarding altering the voting procedures of the General Assembly of the MTO. http://bastionunion.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=244&p=25611&sid=f96c3e51e074305e6ca5697ebfc333f2#p25611 This will basically establish Mondays as "Voting Days" and setting a week-long voting period to ensure MTO members not hosted on the Bastion forum have equal opportunity to participate in the Assembly. Regards, Nathan Waffel-Paine, Secretary-General of the MTO
  5. Nathan

    A Proposal

    Your Majesty, Thank you very much. Natopia has ratified the Treaty as well. We are currently in the process of ratifying the treaty with Frazenland. When that vote has concluded I will present the MCS with the agreed upon land transfers.
  6. Nathan

    A Proposal

    That looks fine. I will sign for Natopia. After a signature has been affixed for Stormark I will return to Natopia for ratification by the Frenzy. Signed for Natopia, Lord Nathan Waffel-Paine, Minister of Foreign Affairs
  7. Nathan

    A Proposal

    This is indeed wonderful news for both of our nations. Thank you for demonstrating trademark Storish generosity and goodwill.
  8. Greetings to Harald, the Most Generous King, I come to you today with a proposal. My countrymen and I feel that it is in the interest of both our nations as well as the geopolitical future of the Tapfer continent, of which both Stormark and Natopia have a vested interest in. I would like to propose an exchange of land between us. Namely, in exchange for Stormark ceding the Duchy of Port Chloe and Providence Plantations to Natopia, we, in turn, will cede a portion of the County-Palatine of Tapfer Aeterna to Stormark. This portion of Tapfer Aeterna will exceed the area of Port Chloe by n
  9. There is currently a vote regarding renaming the Small Commonwealth as the "Yieldlessly Associated Micronational Organization." http://bastionunion.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=244&t=1599 This is hopefully a first step towards revitalizing the image of the SC by removing it from the shadow of Shirerithian dominance by giving it a name that has humor, appeal and interest across the entire sector so that the SC may grow into a truly representative organization for Micras. As this name change requires an amendment to the General Membership treaty, all signatories are being inf
  10. It has indeed been a wonderful evening. I would like to express my thanks to my Cousin... http://chancellornate.proboards20.com/inde...read=1124833609 Now then... lets dance!!!
  11. Royal Cousin, This is indeed a delightful surprise! I knew you were planning a Ball, but to dedicate it to Natopia's foundation day is wonderful! This food is quite delicious. We are not used to such decadence in Natopia, and I must send my compliments to the chef on this wonderful Goat Cheese on a Biscuit, I doubt a Natopian gourmet could do much better.
  12. Happy anniverary to Stormark! Stormark is only 15 days older than Natopia (it was founded August 23, 2002). Congratulations on your 3 year milestone.. and here's to 3 more and 3 more and 3 more!
  13. Oh yes, a Masquerade Ball will be part of the festivities.
  14. All Stormark Citizens are hereby invited to the Lindstrom Convention Hall in Natopia for the Transitionary Celebration and Coronation! We will celebrate the new Natopia and look back over the years as this will also be the online celebrations for Natopia Day (traditionally held offline). If the Viking Emperor would like to make a speech or something, please PM me here or at Natopia. The party is this Sunday, July 31, begining at 3pm CST. http://chancellornate.proboards20.com
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