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  1. *Chiang looked with distrust to the representatives of the other nations. He was ready to sign this piece of paper... for the sake of world peace.*
  2. Thank you, Mi'Lady. May the Catologian Gods bless you for this.
  3. OOC: Could someone send this message to Alexandria? I once again forgot my password and can't log in, and I'm too lazy to search it )
  4. Thank You, Mi'Lady. In the case the Stormarkian answer is positive, I would kindly request a rough sketch of how the consulate is constructed (e.g.: how many buildings are there? What's in the garden, or isn't there a garden,....).
  5. Greetings! From today it is once more possible to let your diplomats enter Jingdao and establish a consulate to represent your nation at the Imperial Court. And we take 'establishing a consulate' quite literally: nations on Micras who do not structurally behave hostile to the Holy Grand Empire will be able to have their own consulate building in the 3D version of our capital city (the City of Epoli). In return we - of course - ask some kind of tribute to the Grand Imperial Treasury. Just send us your slaves, gold and other precious things, together with a sketch of the ground plan of the bui
  6. That would be very helpful. Thank you. (Could you send the info to me by pm, please?)
  7. Thank you. Hopefully this will keep you and your people well informed about the greatness of the Jingdaoese people and their Heavenly Light - In Her Light we thrive - so they will find peace and harmony in this unstable world.
  8. Not sure if this is the right place to post this...
  9. Seems like I can't register at your hub. You banned me before I even registered?
  10. Your Majesty, This is more then we hoped for! Your swift and generous actions will be welcomed positively by the Batavian people. There is no doubt that this will be remembered when one day a new king would be appointed by the regime.
  11. Announcement concerning the Catologian States Source: http://batavie.nl/forum/viewtopic.php?f=34...;p=52549#p52549 Greetings, Gasconians! The Batavian-Catologian Church reigns those beautiful lands, just like it reigns the neighbouring (Batavian) Prince-bishopric of Catologum. In the near future I will move the administrative capital of the Church to Constantium, a city which will be build from nothing at the Gasconian coast. It will become the capital of the Catologian (or 'Churchal') States, a kind of union between Gascony and Catologum under the ecclesiastical authorities. I a
  12. No, it hasn't yet (as far as I know). But I'm planning to introduce one in the near future (together with some of my plans to strengthen the position of the Catologian Church, which includes Gascony).
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