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  1. As Emperor and founder of Alexandria, this is not authorized. It's time to move on from Alexandria, please. I suggest people join one of the other micronations like Natopia, Stormark, or Shireroth and move on. Please see this open letter: http://empireofthealexandrians.org/community/
  2. The Empire of the Alexandrians thanks the gracious and kind Queen Victoria and Our Beloved Brother, High King Harald, for settling this long pressing issue.
  3. My sincerest thank you goes to our Second Consul, stepping forward and leading Alexandria.
  4. Lady Wenche, thank you so much for putting this article together! Nice little acquisition, ain't it?
  5. Thank you Stormark as always for your incredibly amazing hospitality.
  6. I'm particularly quite in love with the description, especially the last bit. Quite the fan of it. Thank you all for participating in the MNCommunities forum. I invite Your Most Beautiful Highnesses to register there and partake in the fun if you wish!
  7. https://www.dropbox.com/s/wfrxqle4azn16rv/Affected%20Files%20by%20Hacking.doc?dl=0 There we go! This is a link to a document with the list of affected files.
  8. For some reason my tablet is not letting me copy and paste the list of affected files. Actually it's not letting me copy and paste anything. I can't do much else today considering I am out of the office and with no access to a real computer. (I'm about to smah this tablet right now, lol. Must. Walk. Away.) I will keep you guys updated.
  9. Globat.com is proving to be ridiculously unhelpful on this matter. They're trying to sell me now an add on to the website called SiteLock that would delete the malicious files (of which I will attach a list of below - it directly affects the Genevan Arrow, Haifa, Mercury and some other projects I have on the webspace) and offer protection for a year for $159.99. I asked several support agents for their help in fixing this and they keep insisting SiteLock is the only way to repair this. I refuse to pay that much money for a problem they are supposed to help me fix. I am doing research on my own
  10. The matter is not with billing. The webspace I use to host Alexandria and all the other mncommunities.org projects has been hacked and malicious code has been inserted in a lot of the websites and forums hosted there. I am seeking assistance from technical support but they are proving to be a bit elusive. Efforts will continue today.
  11. It looks like the hosting account I use was somehow hacked, according to the host, and malicious code or software was inserted in a lot of the web infrastructure. I am not exactly sure how to fix this problem, I have been on the phone with the hosting company since this morning with no solution in sight. We're working on the problem as this not only affects Alexandria but it is affecting Hamland, Mercury, St. Andre and my own personal websites. I will be posting further details about the problem later as I get to know what is going on more and more.
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