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  1. We want more! We want more! We want more!
  2. Sweetling Greataunt of Mine, As Seneschal of the Falcons' Rookery‎‎, I should like to ask your permission to set up a temporary tent city next to Scarwood Keep to house the contestants for your heart prior to, and shortly posterior to the ball. May that be alright with you?
  3. By just being your wonderful self, Sweet Lady Grandaunt of Mine! The one and only Ærinndís Gudrödarsdóttir of the Bow!
  4. At this rate half of the Falconesses will be called Ærinndís in a couple of decades or so!
  5. Mine brother recently also became a grandfather. So happy days finally are really here for him again! And aren't Frederik Harald and Ærinndís Theodora supercalifragilisticexpialidociously adorable?!
  6. Welcome to the club, Margaery! May the Lion not hurt you during Love's Great Adventure!
  7. The Lady Ristina Marmai is supercalifragilisticexpialidociously hot! Where can I sign up to become her auxiliary bedwarmer!?
  8. Sweetling Greataunt of Mine, The selecting of suitable contestants for your heart took a bit longer than expected since we have expanded the search to the other Lands of Björtolfia. The ball is planned for early next year, the year 1683 AN.
  9. Welcome to Frederik Harald of Markland and Ærinndís Theodora of Lyonesse! May they both live long and joyous lives! Also, many congratulations to the Frankish Imperial Couple on the expansion of their family with these two newborn heirs through whose veins flows the blood of Bertolf the Brave, Björka Hnossdóttir, Frederik III des Vinandy, Kaiser Raynor I of Shireroth, Tuuler Kalir, Harald Freyjugjöf the Generous Giver, Rashid Shahanshah of Babkha and Kaiseress Noor of Shireroth!
  10. Princess Margaery des Vinandy has contracted a bout of Falcon Fever!
  11. Weeks after she expressed her desire to sail the seas of Micras just like before, the moment was there. Again she would go sailing, as in her younger days. Different routes have been considered. From the Beneluccas to the Jasonian archipelago, or from the Beneluccas to the Princess Fränzi-Ferdinanda Island, or even to continental Batavia. Ultimately, a sailing route was chosen from the Beneluccas to Jorvik. The salty sea air, the swell of the boat on the waves, the wind full of sails, in short: the feeling of freedom and the struggle with the elements. She loves that. But the reality is t
  12. Just like King Arkadius III of Batavia with the Storjarla Æsileif, the Frankish Emperor will be getting himself the ultimate trophy wife. And a loving one too!
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