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  1. *sings* My brother is over the oceans My brother is over the sea My brother is over the oceans Bring back my brother to me Bring back Bring back Oh bring back my brother to me, to me Bring back Bring back Oh bring back my brother to me! Happy birthday bestest brother ever!!!
  2. 1. NAME* (legal name please): Ærinndís Gudrödarsdóttir 2. HOUSE: House of the Descendants of Freyja House des Vinandy 2. TITLE AND STYLE: Her Imperial and Royal Highness Ærinndís des Vinandy of Ettlingar Freyu, Imperial Chieftainess of Port Chloe and the Providence Plantations, Storjarla of Stormark, Lady Imperial on All Continents, Queen Dowager of Batavia, Archduchess of 's Koningenwaarde, Countess of Dasburgh, Countess of Vinandy, Baroness of Ammerswoude and by de Loet, Baroness of Bergkirche 3. YEAR OF BIRTH: 1440 (Anno Nortone)
  3. I remember that day ever so clearly. The salt was fresh in the air. There was a warm humidity I before that day ever had experienced outdoors. The sky was blue, there were some white clouds here and there. And it was quiet. Ever so quiet. Not a single bird was heard. It was as if Nature, having heard the propheses of the Ladies Divine, was waiting breathlessly in anticipation of the inevitable to happen, which was for my brother to take command of his promised land. Oh, how young we were! And how powerful we felt with the earth quivering below our feet. We took what was rightfully ours. I
  4. The best thing ever to happen on Micras!!!!
  5. Congratulations Lord Arkadius!! Now make sure you go to the Althing to claim your seat!
  6. Dearest Lady Esther, Thank you, that is most kind of you! That is truly a scenic place of natural beauty, with, at summer time, plenty of icebergs in the sea with view from the castle.
  7. What a magnificent and supercalifragilisticexpealidociously beautiful rendition!!! May a kind soul point out on the map where the Vinterfallhǫll is located?
  8. Those words, my dearest Lady Birgitta, certainly give me some comfort! Would you mind telling me how many servants I have in my household, perhaps with a division of professions and how many of which type I have?
  9. Oh myyyy.... all my greatness is long gone in the past, you say, my Lady? What a terrible sad fate I lead if nothing great is of what I do today!
  10. And this is, my Lady Birgitta the Bold, the reason why I could let go of the Head Manager! Your expertise is more than I could lose. I am so grateful for your assistance in the recruitment process of Lady Ristina's household.
  11. My dearest Beloved Great-Niece of Mine Absolutely! We have already received over 50,000 applications. Lady Ristina decided to limit the household to around 3000, due to not wanting a too big organization to manage. For myself, I am sorry to say that I have let my Head Manager go over to Lady Ristina. I have promoted the Assiatant one to be Head Manager over my Household. But it makes me happy that Lady Ristina will have a good and experienced and honorable Head Manager for Her Own Household. Lady Ristina, due to her fondness of skycladness, has decreed that, whenever possible, all member
  12. Indeed!! And she will be much closer to her son, the Lord Johan Anderion, in Brandenburg whenever he returns from his diplomatic missions across the world!
  13. Lady Aoife, The Lady Ristina proposes Janduihirð as the name of her household. The first component of the name, Jandui, meaning "virtue", is derived from the Sword of Virtue (Meqil Jandui), forged for the King of Elwynn in those days of yore. She thinks this would be a fitting mix of Elw and Storish, just like the very island of Snæland is! And I have to say, I very much agree with Her Imperial Highness.
  14. Her Imperial Highness agrees and asks to convey to you her gratitude as great as the mighty bosom of Lady Unna!!
  15. They of course use Storish passports for travelling!! The most unfortunate for them though is how cut off they are from their kinswomen and kinsmen in Elwynn, currently under the most hideous and illegal of occupations!!
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