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  1. After a glorious trip on carriage through the lined streets of Haraldsborg, Noor arrived at the riverside where the Queen of Quests was waiting. To keep with the majesty, on this windstill day, decisions had been made to not propel the ship with engines, but only with the brute force of sailors rowing. And this was a huge, grand ship. The deck was lined with the strongest sailors from across the Storish navy – mostly men but some women. They were all tall and muscular and stood in honour as the Kaiseress boarded. She was led by the High King to an elevated section on the top deck, wh
  2. On the morning of 18 Kuspor 1649, the Eye of Cortallia – the Imperial Yacht – touched down on Fulltrui International Air- and Spaceport. The Yacht was an old one, some forty years old, yet reliable and very comfortable and luxurious. The Kaiseress thought travelling on the Ete would be very fitting, as she knew the Storish fondness for luxury, pump and circumstance. With her on the Yacht, she had her grandson, Prince Vidar – a timid boy of a little less than five years of age – clutched to his nanny. Vidar’s mother, Liv, Khanum of Cabbagefall, was also onboard but seemed to make an effort
  3. (Wow, someone has respect for his father the way he speaks to him...)
  4. Lady High Justiciar I would be honoured and humbled to accept that
  5. Lady Law Speaker The High King corrects the baby member of the House once again! I am in awe and in gratitude, and hope to express those sentiments by now calling for a vote on the bill.
  6. Lady Law Speaker I extend my thanks to the High King and Gulajarl. The clerk's mistake has been rectified. I certainly hope that he or she will not be too harshly reprimanded for the mistake. We all make them, once in a while. I now have the opportunity to look at the bill itself. The bill proposed to add Shireroth to the list of countries excepted. I would like to add Natopia there, too. Hear me out, Lady Law Speaker. In Natopian law, the emperor's throne is never vacant. In the sudden demise of the emperor, then the next in line is the new emperor/empress whether he knows
  7. Lady Law Speaker What a tremendous honour it is for me to rise here today, in this hollowed Althing. I follow in the footsteps of many other native-born Ayreon-Kalirions who have been in this chamber. Most recent in memory here is probably the Lord Jonathan Ayreon, my would-be brother-in-law had he not died in office as High Justiciar of this Realm. Now it is finally my turn to speak here. I married into the royalty here, but my people have always had a place in Stormark. Hurmudans and Elwynnese have always been here. I think of Prince Daniel, of Cashmaiel Andelarion, of Lady Esther.
  8. Name: Noor bint Daniyal Umra Suleiman ibn al-Majeed bin Sathrati House: Ayreon-Kalirion Eligibility: Jarla of Longships Islands
  9. Men of the Longships Guards The very best of you, The Strongest -- The Fastest -- The Bravest -- The Most Loyal -- The Best Skilled -- -- are invited to join the Leonid Guard, to serve me and my family until the very end, with your most absolute loyalty and devotion. There will be a tournament among the interested to select the best of you. I need the very best. Will you give me the best of you?
  10. Your Imperial and Royal Majesty Most Honourable Ladies and Lord Wardens of Council I am humbled and delighted by this appointment to take part in the government of the islands over which I am also the chieftainess. It will be a pleasure to find solace here, and to bring more government to these too troubled islands.
  11. Then, Lady High Justiciar, I look forward to my appointment!
  12. Thank you both. Your Majesty -- I was thinking of the Longships Islands. Not only did they once belong to the Babkhans -- my family has Babkhan roots -- but also it was the jarldom of your daughter in law and my precedessor to the Emirate of Sathrati, Lady Esther. It would be fitting if my youngest son had his Storish home there.
  13. Lady High Justiciar I have for the first time in my life visited your country, and have been surprised by all its glories and wonders. It is of utmost importance that I get to understand this country and its government, so that my youngest son, an heir to it, will be able to find a home here for his heart. Accordingly -- might I be involved in the government here, as, perhaps, a warden of council?
  14. Dearest Grandfather in law I would very much like to cement my presence in this country, so that my newest child, Vilhjalm, will have a "home" here too. May I be granted a jarlship?
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