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  1. Sir Vilhjálm, The Temple of the Lakes has been added to the list of notable buildings and points of interest.
  2. Perhaps Sir Vilhjálm Kormak can tell you that.
  3. Jarls of the High Realm, Please provide me with the notable buildings and points of interest in the capital of your Jarldom. This topic is, of course, a work in progress and others with a knowledge of any such capital may contribute as well.
  4. List of Buildings and points of interest in the Capitals of the Jarldoms of the High Realm. Fensalir (Frigga Islands): Forn Siðr Fortet (Thingeyri): Freyushavn (Freyja's Necklace): Haraldsborg (Gularike): Harald's Holdfast; Temple of the Lakes; Vanadísarhall; Vanahall. Iduna (Idunn Isles): Rosenborg (Rose Cape): Tara (Sólareyjar): Thorfinnsborg (Frostarike): Thorfinn's Borg; Thorfinnsborg Royal Armoury; Thorfinn's Tower. Tromsø: (Hålogarike)
  5. Oh, that drawing is sóóóoóóoó amazingly beautiful! My profound thanks to the Lady Asara!
  6. Your Imperial Highness, Please check your private messages. Your display name has als been changed back to Imaia Vauqi.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0k01zY822dk Enjoy!!
  8. Her Royal Highness Jarla Yumi Zotrasdóttir of the House of Kviteseid, Jarla of Vlásta Brinewick is the future Secretary of the High King's Private Cabinet. The Lady Yumi hails from the white planet, Zotra. The inhabitants of that planet are called Zotrians and they have blue skin, white-golden hair, pointed ears and slanted eyes with cat-like vertical pupils. Zotrians are considered extremely beautiful. Lady Yumi is also very intelligent and courageous as well as immune to fire. She also possesses powers of telepathy and telekinesis. When she was a wee wee lass, she appeared in the do
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