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  1. Due to absence (internet trouble once more!) the festival shall take place next Friday. Any posts pertaining to the festival will be removed and reposted on Friday.
  2. Oh it's been a wonderful return! A wonderful place.
  3. Oh they're going very well! We finally have a completed programme which I'll be releasing in a few hours time. I think the festival is going to really give the people of the colony a feeling that they have an identity within the Empire.
  4. *Lady Anne-Marie curtsies to the Empress* Welcome Your Majesty! It's so good to see you. I hope you are well? Can I get you any refreshments?
  5. Oh but of course! You'll be most welcome Your Imperial Highness!
  6. *Lady Anne-Marie welcomes Lady Aoife on the steps of Skadi Palace, the official Vicereine's residence. She kisses Lady Aoife on each cheek before curtseying, showing deference to Lady Aoife's position as Crown Princess of Stormark* My dear, it's so wonderful to see you here in Sula Sgeir. Now come inside! *Lady Anne-Marie leads Lady Aoife into the Palace. They settle in the morning room, a luxurious parlour decorated in pale blue and gold leaf. Portraits of former Emperors and Empresses guard the walls* Do take a seat! It's so lovely to have you here. *A footman walks in c
  7. Most definately! It's my hope that people who visit the colony for the festival will like it so much they'll want to come back for a holiday. Tourism is vital to regenerate the colony.
  8. It's going to be a wonderful day Sigrdrífa. Already the streets are quite busy with the preparations! Though I do have to work out something nice to wear for the carriage procession. I must be careful when choosing a hat, I don't want it to blow off!
  9. The tickets will be made avaliable at the end of the Festival next weekend.
  10. With the recent gift of HKMS Chloe from His Imperial Majesty The Emperor, the Vicereine of Kejsarinna Asa Land has decided that the Yacht should be put to use when it is not being used for official engagements or travel. Therefore, the Yacht will serve as the main vessel of 'Asa Cruises', a new tourist company based in Sula Sgeir. The company will offer cruises of Stormark, the first being avaliable in the very near future. The first cruise offered is the "Jewels of Stormark" cruise. The itinery for the cruise is as follows; The ship will be docked at Thorfinnsborg in The Heartland.
  11. *Lady Anne-Marie sips at her sherry and smiles. Though she won't get into the hot tub she enjoys the rising steam* This is such a lovely place. I do hope you'll be joining us in Kesjarinna Asa Land for the festival so I can repay this fabulous hospitality!
  12. Thanykou Your Majesty! The Festival is planned to be an annual event Lady Aoife.
  13. I am most grateful Your Majesty! And the link with the late Empress is perfect. I shall relocate the Friday night reception for the Festival from the Palace to the Yacht. Give it a proper welcome as it were!
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