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  1. Until I move somewhere else (which I have no plans to do right now).
  2. I think it's just a culture shock really. Things are not done as I'm used to. It'll take time to learn and adapt.
  3. Kronjarla Aoife It takes some time to get used to... but so far I'm not hating it I keep forgetting, where do you live IRL?
  4. Lady Law Speaker On a point of order, I would like to give the members of this Althing so confused the obvious comment that this bill is not about the Clear Sea, but with Minarboria. Reading the bill would make this clear, however, if members only read the explanation, they would be in the wrong. It was a simple clerical error. The government supports this bill in the fullest.
  5. I like them all, especially the one on Thingvellir!
  6. Indeed a day of commemoration and reflection. We are indebted to our martyrs.
  7. HAHA thank you so much my ladies!
  8. Lady Law Speaker I have now read the bill. I have no reason to stall its passage now.
  9. Lady Law Speaker, I most humbly would object. I haven't had the time to read the bill, and giving me only two hours to do feels unfair at this time. The bill is important, and I would very much like to have the time to read it. Please allow 24 hours of debate.
  10. STATEMENT News have reached me that my eldest son, His Imperial Highness The Lord Ludwig Blutwasser, the Prince of Kujirashi-Walstadt and of Light, Knight of the Holy Lakes, Scion of the King of Kings, has died. While I have not been able to confirm his death, I have no reason to doubt it. His, in turn, eldest son, The Lord Karl has succeeded to the throne of Walstadt. Prince Ludwig and I had no good relationship. We never had. For reasons neither of us fully understood, we were brought by a strange alliance of the evil and good within the Divine who told us we must be father and son. Dut
  11. Vilhjalm -- I suppose the silence is her pay-back for my two years in the monastery...
  12. Thank you, your Majesty! I am still trying to fit in these shoes, haha.
  13. BY HIS IMPERIAL HIGHNESS THE HIGH JUSTICIAR OF STORMARK A WARRANT OF APPOINTMENT Let it be known that I, the Lord Mirza Jonathan Merlingsson of the House of Ayreon-Kalirion, Prince among the Lakes, Emir of Sathrati, Duke of New Aquitane, Count Shishin, Count of Northshire, of Arietta, of Cape Farewell and of Ransenar, Jarl of Frostarike, Scion of the King of Kings, High Justiciar of Stormark, Right Hand of the High King, High King's Navigator and First Mate of the Longship of State, First among Equals, Guardian of the Hall of Freyr, acting under the third article of the second chapter of th
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