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  1. The Archbishop then bids the High Priestess good evening. He was most pleased with the wedding and the reception. He would like to stay longer but now the aged pastor is tired so he bids adieu the others and retires for the evening. The next day he shall make the long journey back home to finish his work at the Sacred College.
  2. The Archbishop approachs Her High Holiness and greets her warmly :
  3. The Archbishop rose his (non-alcoholic) glass to toast the newlyweds as well. This was the first the Archbishop attended such an intimate affair with royalty from across Micras. His attendance allowed him to the humanity in persons who embody their states, and he was happy to see that the familial bonds of love persist even at that highest stratum of society. The Archbishop did not rise to give a speech but he was eager to make conversations with the other guests. He greeted the newlyweds and expressed his great joy that they were united in holy matrimony. He also commented on how import
  4. "I am most appreciative of your greeting Your Royal Highness. My trip was most enjoyable and I am happy to be here. I've been leading a convocation of the Sacred College of the Church of Alexandria all week so I am quite pleased to take a short respite to attend this joyus occassion."
  5. The Most Rev. Louis Laurant LaFayette of Alexandria has arrived. "Greetings!"
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