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  1. Are these holy artifacts or symbols of power or...
  2. 1. NAME* (legal name please): Rykar Evestun 2. TITLE AND STYLE: Ambassador, Immortal Fortune Bringer 3. AGE*: Around 110 4. RESIDENCE*: Suthergold, Goldshire 5. OTHER NATIONALITIES OR NATIONAL ALLEGIANCES: Shireroth 6. FOREIGN TITLES AND STYLES: Count of Suthergold Minister of tge Exterior President of Ryker Airships Ducal Steward of Goldshire 7. HOUSE: Unaffiliated 8. SIM-ID'S CONTROLLED BY YOU: Ryker J. Everstone
  3. I'll get on that as soon as my inernet allows me to use my computer.
  4. Now yet anyways. I kind of have a knack for animating useless lands, just look at Goldendown (you know it as Suthergold).
  5. Can someone say the Dominion of Kharen?
  6. Southern Wastes? More like going to waste. I'll take it!
  7. Sooo is this a far off planet or mythological land or what?
  8. Very accommodating, gives me the basic know-how to run a civilization alongside others.
  9. Kaiser Mo'll the First (formerly known as Duke Ryabin Merkayastreb of Goldshire, the guy who made that map).
  10. Unless they thought they might change their mind.
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