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  1. ooooh! yay! someone trusts me lol expect something soon, honey
  2. I tell ya - it's hard fitting in all those titles! lol Hopefully that's something along the lines of what you wanted.
  3. Heidi - here is your tag. I am hoping that your title of Bishop is a Christian one lol The Dove and the Angel are obvious. The rune in the center is Algiz / Elhaz - used as Protection from Evil. Hope this works for ya.
  4. Sounds good!! I should have something made up shortly. Can someone show me what the crown looks like for your rank? That way, I can alter the Arms and add those into the design.
  5. And don't think that I forgot about you, my dear sister!! Not bad, hm?
  6. You have a LOT of titles lol This is a little bigger than most, but it was the best way to fit everything: Hope it works.
  7. What text and images would you like on your tag, my friend?
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