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  1. Painting is nice. Story is a bit uhm - a bit more grown-up than I'd prefer to read I think that a cross of my age, upbringing, and religion have made me a bit of a prude when it comes to certain things. This, apparently, is on that list. Along with all the naked women in Stormark lol
  2. I doubt there would be much use for one, and might just complicate matters.
  3. I've met plenty of Murid. Usually, Muslims who are interested in the Sufi Way, or are searching for enlightenment will meet with a Mushid and learn from him for however long they wish. So I've run into plenty of Muslims who were travelling the path for a while. As for Dervishes, they are hard to come by as most will be found in impoverished areas, where they've taken vows of poverty and solemnity. There are also Dervishes commonplace in Turkey, where an Order of Sufi perform a ceremony called a Sema - where part of it is dancing in a fevered circle. Those people are commonly known as "Whi
  4. What is that necklace? And what are the words underneath? Also - what's with all the naked women in Stormark? lol
  5. I'm glad I wont be participating in this little time-honored tradition. I have enough body issues already without letting ten dudes undress me on the way to bed
  6. It should take about four years. hehe I am thinking we'll be all set in about eight days.
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