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  1. Dear representatives of Stormark, The Fédération Micraise de Sport cordially invites you to send a delegation to compete in the inaugural hosting of the Micras Games; the largest sporting event in the history of our community, to be held in the Jingdaoese capital city of Daocheng later this year. The idea for the Games was created last year as a legacy from the MicrOlympics that were held in 2008, with the aim to create an event to bring Micras together through sport. As an FMS-organised event, the majority of sports will be simulated using computerised systems, but we will als
  2. His Majesty King Craitman and Her Royal Highness Queen Anika of Craitland arrive, slightly belatedly, and give their most jubilant congratulations to the wedded couple.
  3. The spacebar evades me too sometimes Thanks, Vilhelm
  4. After some very short persuading from Andelarion, I have come back to Hurmu I will be working with said Senator to bring Hurmu a website (after promising to do so a while ago) too... Yours, Craitman
  5. great Polten. I'll take you up on that one later
  6. I like Núrfiskarvík I think it's the -vík ending that does it for me
  7. just wondering, what would Cherry Trees be in Hurmu? That's the name of Cräiteland's capital. Maybe "city of cherry trees" might make a better translation...
  8. i don't know if Hurmu can beat Beaugium, but they could get a draw... which will be all good as long as Alexandria beat New-Empire (which I think they are very likely to do )
  9. Alexandria 5-3 Hurmu This 8-goal thriller ended with the favourites for the win coming out on top, after going behind very early on. Hurmu began with a bang, with youngster Aki Mäenpää adding two more to his tally for the tournament within the first five minutes. The first cam from a long shot from the edge of the area after a loose Alexandrian pass went straight to him. The second was a tap in at the far post from a Hjular corner which the Alexandrian defence couldn't deal with. Alexandria replied after half an hour after Jean-Pierre D'Oliviera's chip through over the Hurmu def
  10. Hurmu 2-1 New-Empire Hurmu have won their first ever World Cup match against a much-facied New-Empire. Although the CIS nation had the more possession, they also squandered the most chances, with 3 good shots just going past Loresen's far post. Hurmu then took the lead when youngster Aki Mäenpää headed in a Hjular free-kick from the right wing after 10 minutes of play. New-Empire fought back near the end of the first half, with Jamizzo and Quentin Djalma out-playing Hurmu's midfield, and on forty minutes Glyn Wranws tapped in a good move from Purple and Djalma. Hurmu ca
  11. Here is Hurmu's official kit for the FMF World Cup
  12. yeah, Berry Pom (as us inbreds, i mean locals, call it ) has 14 ghosts i think... and yeah, Doc Martin is an ITV programme...
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