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  1. Mr. Brunnketilsson, I'm afraid that my life is too much interwoven with the Republic of Flanders to move to another country. In that case it would be too tempting to check up on and meddle with Flanders all the time, while it's exactly the point for me to create some distance.
  2. Your Majesty, Your Highnesses After reading your reaction on my announcement concerning my departure from the Republic of Flanders, I thought it appropriate to convey my thank you in person for your friendly words. I cannot exclude the possibility that I will once return, but for now I need to distance myself from the Republic if there ever has to be a chance of me regaining interest in Flemish politics. As Always, I wish the High Kingdom the best of luck in the future.
  3. The President of the Federal Republic of Flanders arrivés on the Island, greeting a few people he knows from his days as Flemish ambassador to Stormark. "Your Royal Highness, I don't believe we have met before. It's very nice to make your acquaintance, especially on such a joyous occasion."
  4. Upon being notified of the King's arrival, the ambassador asks for a new glass of abbey beer and moves to a central location in the hall. Slowly the noise of those present diminishes. Your Imperial Majesty, Your Highnesses, Excellencies Almost I had addressed all of you with "dearly beloved", as that is how I have come to see the Storish people this past year. I welcome all of you this evening. This past year I've had the pleasure of serving my people here in Stormark, fostering a relationship that has remained steady, friendly and ironclad strong in a time Flanders could use th
  5. That's because my first consul is making a fool of himself and thereby not honoring his representative function on behalf of his fatherland.
  6. The first consul of the embassy walks into a door and spills his glas of champagne all over him, as he couldn't keep his eyes of the Lady Unna.
  7. The Rubens Hall is the main hall of the Rubens House, where the Flemish embassy is located. This is where official functions are held, among which the reception of today. Embassy staff and extra hired personnel is guiding the first arrivals to the hall, where they are offered a glas of champagne, honey mede (to honour the Storish Viking tradition) or abbey beer (to honour the Flemish traditions).
  8. A spokesperson of the embassy states that he doesn't have a lot of information yet, but he can confirm the ambassador will most likely clarify some things in the speech he will give on the reception. He expects the concerned branches of the Storish government will probably be notified in advance.
  9. The embassy of the Federal Republic of Flanders has the honour of inviting you all to a reception on Wednesday, March 26, on the occasion of the departure of the Flemish ambassador from Stormark.
  10. The nation of Flanders hopes all Storish citizens had the best Raid and Pillage Day of their live. (I wasn't able to wish it yesterday, due to a very long macro-day)
  11. He's still impostering. But he has lost some momentum, with the other opposition indicating that their support for his "presidency" was more about opposition than about a serious believe the presidential elections were rigged. Currently he has decided to focus on the administration of Ambetanterijk, one of the five regions, in order to attack "the regime" from within.
  12. A few days ago, the Flemish people decided by referendum to adopt a new constitution. Basically it introduces a federal government for the Republic of Flanders, overseeing five autonomous regions, which are currently starting to constitute themselves. On the federal level, the most important changes are the introduction of a second chamber to parliament (the Statenkamer), in which the regions are represented (basically the task the American Senate has, but with less powers), and the election of the president, which will from now on be parliamentary instead of popular.
  13. It's very quiet, but that also means the trouble with the presidential elections seems to be over. For me personally, the accusations are however playing their role in the reduced activity, but I can't speak for everyone. The absence of the president, longer than anticipated, also has something to do with this. Right now, I'm trieing to keep the government alive and steering some needed reforms. It will probably take some time before our Republic will turn it's attention to the outside world again, but we'll get there. What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. And we sure as hell ar
  14. Though I'm technically not part of an involved party here, I would like to inform you that the two governments of Batavia are in a process of unification. As such you may find it convenient to wait with archiving the embassy of the Kingdom of Batavia. This of course serves only as an FYI, as I don't intend to meddle in internal Storish affairs, nor in the relationship between Stormark and Batavia.
  15. Your Highness Our confidence in the support from the High Realm was such that I didn't even consider it necessary to include a request for a statement of the kind. However, it's always nice, of course, to have a positive relationship confirmed.
  16. After the presidential elections ended August 15, the opposition decided not to recognize the official results. As such Mr. Fidelis now thinks himself President of Flanders and appointed a government. They don't have any justification however, except vague accusations of corruption, which I personally find grossly offending. I can assure you that both the forum and the Flemish territory are firmly under the control of the true government directed by president Van Horenbeeck. Furthermore, as the supporting people behind Mr. Fidelis (not Mr. Fidelis himself, who is just a notorious t
  17. On behalf of the government of the Republic of Flanders I extend belatedly (due to a personal absence) our warmest congratulations to the young (*) nation of Stormark on the occasion of its 11th birth day. (*) the way old people consider everyone else a youngster
  18. You all may have heard by now that the Benacian government has collapsed. In its place has come a new government that actually wants a reunification. The government of Flanders considers this an internal Batavian affair, but it is clear that any threat of war - in sofar there ever was one - has passed.
  19. Follow-up: Apparently the declaration of war was only proposed to the Benacian Legislative, and not yet finally approved. We also heard that this declaration is only meant as a formalization of the current state of affairs. As such the Flemish government isn't very concerned with the matter as of yet. Latest intel suggests that a decision on the approval of the declaration of war has been postponed.
  20. The Flemish embassy has just been notified that the occupieing regime in Benacië, pretending to be the Batavian government, has declared war on the Republic of Flanders and the official government of Batavia (I also refer to the message of my colleage Mr. Rutger Ampersandt). As of yet the Flemish government hasn't taken a stand yet on this event. Naturally I will keep you updated on the situation.
  21. Thank you. I just noticed that my previous message was posted in the wrong thread (it was meant as a sideways follow up in the absence-thread), as it clearly doesn't have any relation to HVM becoming ambassador to Flanders, nor does it make any reference to it.
  22. Oh, and I come back in a higher capacity, as I have been promoted to ambassador last Thursday. This mainly changes the exact relationship between the head of the foreign department and myself, and doesn't change all that much for Stormark or its citizens.
  23. I've returned from the Land of 1000 smiles to take up my duties again.
  24. I'd like to inform all of you I'll be absent from tomorrow till Friday, July 26 (included). It is advised that all contact with the Republic of Flanders will take place directly with our president, head of the department of Foreign Affairs.
  25. I can only hope to see Her Viking Majesty in Flanders soon.
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