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  1. Lord Erion of Waffel-Paine, KBH, Minister of State for the Bovic Tapferite Empire of the Natopian Nation, the Count of Avenged City, Palatine of Punkrock, and Baron of Arboria, arrives and offers congratulations to the newlyweds.
  2. For the attention of the Lady Sigrdrífa, Yfirstormarksgythia and High Priestess of the Thingeyri Temple, et al, Yo, hark thee, your High Holiness, My Emperor, His Most Bovic Majesty Nathaniel Andre Utas, Emperor of the Natopians and Ruler of the Twin Realms, is most desirous of resuming diplomatic concourse for the progression of the accord between our realms. As a gift of goodwill please accept the accompanying parcel of the finest Ziegish bagels and teas for your partaking. His Most Bovic Majesty looks forward to reacquainting with your most Royal and Spiritual Presence at yo
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