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The High Realm of Stormark
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Vilhjálm Kormak

Petition: Legal death of Prince Bjarngeir

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Honourable Lady Warden,

I regret to make a petition for the declaration of legal death of His Royal Highness Prince Bjarngeir, Prince of Nidaros-Volsdame, under the provisions of sections 1 to 3 in the Legal Death Act of Year 13. There has sadly been no sign of life of Prince Bjarngeir since June 2012. He is not known to have an active presence in any other micronational setting.

Prince Bjarngeir is a member of the house of Nidaros. As a member of the same house, I am an interested party under Section 2, subsection a) of the above-named act.

In sorrow signed,

Vilhjalm Kormak of Nidaros, Jarl of the Longships Islands


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Your Grace,


I have noted your petition and I will make my decision known tomorrow.

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