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The High Realm of Stormark
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High King Harald

The Treaty of the Lakes

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To all Royals, Nobles and Knights and to all other persons whatsoever to whom these Presents may concern, We, the Heads of Government of the Royal Crandish Republic, in the person of His Majesty the King of Cranda, and the Viking Empire of Stormark, in the person of His Imperial Majesty the Sovereign Viking Emperor; do extend Our Greetings.


WHEREAS the people of Cranda feel that their future and cultural independence will be secured under the protection and friendship of Stormark;


AND WHEREAS the Government of Stormark has graciously offered protection and perpetual friendship to the Peoples, States and Government of Cranda;


LET IT THEREFORE BE KNOWN that the following Articles of Agreement have been negotiated in good faith and without effort of evasion or duress by the Governments of the Royal Crandish Republic and the Viking Empire of Stormark:


Article 1

There will be a state of perpetual friendship, cooperation and peace between His Majesty the King of Cranda, His Heirs and Successors, and His Imperial Majesty the Sovereign Viking Emperor, His Heirs and Successors, and between Their Majesties' respective Peoples and States.


Article 2

Stormark and Cranda do hereby set up a free-trade zone for trade between the two countries to be better realized and developed. Stormark will, however, exercise total jurisdiction over Cranda in the areas of external relations and trade, defence, and the airspace of Cranda.


Article 3

Cranda will fall under the legal jurisdiction of the courts of Stormark, by retaining its own laws and customs.


Article 4

a) The Mango-Longships Treaty between His Imperial Majesty the Kaiser of Shireroth and His Imperial Majesty the Sovereign Viking Emperor is repealed by this Treaty. As a result Cranda will regain total jurisdiction and sovereignty over Eesdeheito except for the areas of competence outlined in this Treaty.


b ) As His Imperial Majesty the Sovereign Viking Emperor has so amiably offered the People and Government of Cranda the Lósálfareyar to be included in the handover of Eesdeheito to Cranda, it is by this Treaty decided that the Lósálfareyar will be handed over to Cranda under the government and rule of Hurmu.


Article 5

In order for Cranda to secure her interests, Crandish citizens will be appointed to the Councils of State and Crown by His Imperial Majesty the Sovereign Viking Emperor.


Article 6

An expert on Crandish law will be appointed to the Courts of Stormark.


Article 7

Stormark may establish military bases in Cranda, except for in the Lake District of Hurmu, in order to safeguard and protect the Cranda from enemies. Establishments of bases shall be done in consideration of Crandish culture and customs, and by the agreement of the Crandish Government.


Article 8

Crandish citizens may enlist in the Armed Forces of Stormark.


Article 9

a) Laws of Stormark on trade, military, defence and foreign affairs will be applicable to Cranda, if so stated in the laws themselves. In these laws, a citizen of Stormark shall be interpreted to include citizens of Cranda.


b ) No other laws of Stormark, or decrees by the Emperor or Government of Stormark, will be applicable to Cranda, unless agreed upon by the Crandish legislature in accordance with the Crandish constitutional provisions.


Article 10

All changes to this Treaty must be ratified by both parties to the Treaty to acquire validity.


Article 11

This Treaty shall come into operation when it has been passed by the appropriate organs of Government in both Cranda and Stormark.

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