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The High Realm of Stormark
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Vilhjálm Kormak

Longship Guard

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Ready to fight, the best, strongest and most loyal men have sworn their lives to the defence of the High King, their Jarl, their country and home. Loyal to the end, never asking questions, these men prefer to fight in the old ways, designing it more honourable. They prefer to suffer losses than to use guns and bombs.


Still, they are much feared among the pirates and slaveholders of these islands. Swift and quiet, strong and fast, they still win most battles.


I am so proud of these men. Five of the strongest, fastest, swiftest and most loyal men never leave my side. Sometimes I find it annoying, but it makes me feel very safe.

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My Lady High Priestess,


I fear that women are disproportionately represented in the Guard. Anecdotal evidence suggests this is due the Imperial Armed Forces' egalitarian, or even pro-women, policies make those armed forces more appealing. A local saying here is "The Empire's for the womenfolk, the islands for the men".

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Men of the Longships Guards


The very best of you,


The Strongest --

The Fastest --

The Bravest --

The Most Loyal --

The Best Skilled --


-- are invited to join the Leonid Guard, to serve me and my family until the very end, with your most absolute loyalty and devotion.


There will be a tournament among the interested to select the best of you.


I need the very best.


Will you give me the best of you?

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Lady Noor,

Many a Longshipsguard(wo)man is in hindsight quite happy that zie declined your offer. ;)

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