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The High Realm of Stormark
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Sigrdrífa the Priestess

Motto of the Longships Islands

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La vie en louche! :lol:

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Right now I'm seriously considering making "Am I not a man and a brother?" the motto.


The people here are outright crazy.


Very unfortunatly there are Longships Folk who believe in a tiered society with wealthy elites propped up by cheap, captive labor. Their bubble mentality as well as the sheer amount of double think and double dealing by those folks is also astonishing. And to tie it all off, there is a very deep seated reluctance to talk openly about any of this, even among each other. All of it is assumed to be self evident. Totally twisted!


Time for all of you to grab the Jarlish Hammer of Justice and do some skull-cracking! :hammer:

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