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The High Realm of Stormark
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The Horses of the High Realm of Stormark

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Lady Hertha wishes to offer a brief description of the Horses of The High Realm of Stormark.
They have a high spirit and are worthy of careful handling. Along with this, these beautiful creatures will show great personality.
They are hardy beasts, from lines that have been carefully monitored for centuries, however natural selection is at the fore. Not as tall as some would envisage, usually no more than 15 handspan. Their coats are of many, many different colors with an exceptionally wide, coarse main. Deep strong chests and long backs. They are hardy as well as beautiful.
Known for having a tölt, a gait that enables them to accelerate at a great speed. They are tenacious and will never let an good owner down.

Here I present a selection of our Horses of the High Realm of Stornork



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Lady Hertha,


Congratulations on your first piece of cultural development. Well done!! :thumbsup1:

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