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The High Realm of Stormark
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High King Harald

Orders in Council #210, Lady Sigrdrífa: Ambassador to Flanders

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Order in Council

Letter of Credence



The High King's Most Excellent Majesty in the High Council of the Realm.

Lady Unna of Skálavík of the House of Vanadís,
Bloodroyal and Ærkejarla of Freyja's Necklace,
High Justiciar of Stormark.

Lady Astrid Sólareyjarsdóttir of the House of Vanadís,
Bloodroyal and Ærkejarla of the Rose Cape,
Lady Warden of Law and Justice.

Sir Ragnar Brunnketilsson of the House of Nidaros-Volsdame,
Jarl of Hålogarike,
Lord Warden of the Army and the Fleets.

Lady Elisabeth Fjárhirðir of the House of Vanadís,
Lady Warden of the Inland.


To the Highly Esteemed Gentleman His Excellency Erwin Bertholdszn van Horenbeeck,
Federal President of the Federal Republic of Flanders.

Great and Good Friend,

We being desirous to foster the
relations of friendship and good understanding that exist between the Federal Republic of Flanders and the Lands of the Longships Throne have the delight to, by this Our Imperial Instrument, in the exercise of Our Most Ancient Prerogative Imperial, by and with the advice and consent of Our High Council of the Realm, accredit to Your Excellency Our Deeply Beloved Lady Royal and Spiritual, Her High Holiness Forn Siðr Fúrstafrúa Sigrdrífa the Priestess of the House of Vanadís, Ærkejarla of the Idunn Isles, Yfirstormarksgythia and High Priestess of the Thingeyri Temple, whom We have Commissioned as an Ambassador Ordinary and Plenipotentiary, replacing Our Deeply Beloved Lady Wife Mortal Her Viking Majesty Sigrid Magnusdottir the Brave, High Queen Consort of Stormark, Vicereine of Valkyries, Lady Imperial on All Continents, Bloodroyal in Vinland.

Her High Holiness is well informed of the relative interests of the two countries and of the sincere desire of Our Imperial Government to cultivate to the fullest extent the friendship which has so long subsisted between them. Our knowledge of her high character and ability gives Us entire confidence that she will constantly endeavor to advance the interests and prosperity of both Governments and so render herself acceptable to Your Excellency.

We therefore request Your Excellency to receive Our Lady Royal and Spiritual favourably and to give full credence to what Her High Holiness shall say on the part of the Twenty Six Jarldoms and to the assurances which We have charged her to convey to you of the best wishes of Our Imperial Government for the prosperity of the Federal Republic of Flanders and the Realm of Joy.

May the Supreme Goodness have Your Excellency in Her wise keeping.

So be it!!

Given at the Court of the Three Ladies Divine, since time immemorial situated at the Vanadísarhall on the holy island in the sacred river Fulltrui Flow since ancient times known as Hnossa Isle which since the days of yore is seated within the bounds of Our Imperial City of Haraldsborg in Our Jarldom of Gularike, on this Day of the Lord Týr, the Seventh Day of the Month Noatun in the Thirteenth Year of the Second Viking Age in the Second Epoch of Our High Realm.



Haraldur Freyjugjöf af Ættingjunum Freyju, Yfirkonungur Stórmerkur

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