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The High Realm of Stormark
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High King Harald

Remembrance Day

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Beloved Cousin,


May I inquire into your progress on composing a programme for Remembrance Day ( September 25)?

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Your Imperial Majesty, Beloved Cousin,


I am currently working on the events for Remembrance Day and I will publish a first draft this afternoon. smile.gif

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First Draft of Remembrance Day Events



The Emperor and Distinguished Guests will be invited to the Sacred Plains where The Stormarksgothi, The King of Nidaros and The Chief Rabbi of the Stormarkian Reform Temple will lead a combined service of remembrance.


11am - Service Start

12pm - 21 Gun Salute in Honour of the Fallen

12.15pm - Representatives will be invited to place wooden plaques into a ceremonial longship. The plaques will bear the names of the representative and those they are commemorating

12.30pm - The Longship will be launch into the Odin Lake and will be burned.

1.00pm - A 100 gun salute will be given and the National Anthem played

2.00pm - The Emperor will deliver a special remembrance day speech from the balcony of the Imperial Palace.






Would you like me to add any other events Your Imperial Majesty? I thought a lunch may be out of place, but maybe a Garden Party for the Veterans to take place on the 24th? (After Remembrance Day and before Rejoicing the Emperor Day)



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The Guest List for Remembrance Day Beloved Cousin for your approval.




Guest List for Remembrance Day


His Imperial Majesty, The Viking Emperor

HIH Crown Prince Thorfinn, KL, KCS, KMR representing the Wyrd of Midgard Hof in Stormark

His Majesty, The King of Sangun

His Majesty, The King of Treisenberg

His Holiness, The Pope, King of Nidaros representing the United Church of Stormark

Her Majesty, The Queen of Celtica

Sir Raudúlfr Bloodhelm, The Earl of Haldarsvik, Imperial Advisor

Eirik Birgirsson,The Earl of Broholm, Lord Justice of Stormark

Sir Fafnir Dyrason, Law Speaker of the Althing

Sir Gudhsten Patreksson, Imperial Viking Governor of Frigga Island

Sir Bastinus Sakariasen, KL KCS, The Duke of Kjolsgard

Her Most Excellent Highness, Vicereine Birla Mortensdottir of Treisenberg- Ságolann

Dame Ragnhild Gunlaugsdottir, The Duchess of Romsdal

Sir Dagfinn Thorvaldsson, Imperial Chancellor of Stormark

Dame Gudrun Eriksdottir, The Duchess of the Vesteralen

Lady Anne-Marie Dagmarsdottir, Duchess of Connaught, Lady Marshal of the Court representing the Stormarkian Reform Temple

300 Veterans invited from Special Veteran Organisations and Local Authorities

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Good Afternoon To You, My Dear Anne-Marie,


What a MARVELLOUS GUEST LIST You have compiled, My Dear!!! . . .


As usual, You have outdone Yourself!!! . . .


Have an absolutely splendiferous afternoon . . . forthwith . . .

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