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The High Realm of Stormark
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Rutger van Ampersant

Important: Threats by occupators on Benacia

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Your Majesty,


I'm afraid I'll have to bring a sad tiding to You and Your Government. Earlier today, the colonial imposters in 's Koningenwaarde, pretending to be the Kingdom of Batavia, has asked its so-called parliament to approve a declaration of war against both the Republic of Flanders as well as the real Kingdom of Batavia.


The Government and Military Staff of the Kingdom of Batavia are discussing the appropriate measures as we speak. The Republic has yet to make an official statement. However, we can not exclude the possibilty that the impostors will be so foolish as to launch attacks on those area's of Batavia that don't fall under their control. Considering our recent agreement, this is of special importance to the High Realm as well.



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Vice-Admiral Van Ampersant,


Allow me to thank you for informing the Imperial Government of Stormark with regard to this matter, which for a certainty is of special importance to the High Realm.

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