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Lady Gudrun

Stolen Renoir found in US

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A painting by French impressionist Pierre-Auguste Renoir entitled "Young Parisian", which was stolen in Sweden five years ago, has been found in the United States, the Swedish police announced on Saturday.


"It was recovered two or three months ago," police spokesman Bjorn Engström told AFP, adding that it was expected to be brought back next week to Stockholm, where it was stolen from the National Museum.


It was not revealed how US police in Los Angeles found "Young Parisian". The discovery was not immediately announced until the authenticity of the work had been verified, the Swedish press said on Saturday.


The Renoir painting was taken in a spectacular heist on December 22, 2000, along with another Renoir work, "Conversation", and a self-portrait by the 17th-century Dutch master Rembrandt.


The Rembrandt work, valued at some 37 million dollars, has also been recently recovered and has led to the arrest of four people suspected of dealing in stolen goods, police said on Friday.


Renoir's "Conversation" was recovered in Stockholm in April 2001, by chance, during a drug investigation.



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Good Afternoon To You, My Gentle Friends,


Well, I am certainly glad to hear that the stolen Renoir Painting has been recovered . . .


I must sadly admit that an artist I shall never be . . .


( * Sighs Heavily * ) . . .


HOWEVER, I am definitely an art lover . . .


And I simply ADORE Paintings by Famous Painters . . .


I spent HOURS in the Louvre in Paris when we were there in 1966 - my parents had to tear me away . . .


I find Paintings so very Insightful and Very Masterful . . .


Very Powerful, too . . .


It is good news to know that the Stolen Works of Art will be returned to their "Former Residence" . . .


Have an absolutely splendiferous afternoon . . . forthwith . . .

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