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Einherja Queen Day

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And who are you,

the proud horde spoke,

that we should avoid your land.

Only the queen of a different den,

that's all the truth we know.

A king of this, a queen of that,

really means naught to us.

We've been fighting kings since the days of dawn,

and we have always won.

And so they spoke, and so they spoke,

that horde of barbarians.

But now the winds wail over their bones,

with no one there to hear.

Yes now the winds wail over their bones,

and not a soul to hear.


Pray be adviced that today is Einherja Queen Day, which is an Ancient Customary National Holiday that been observed since time immemorial, and on this very day the People of the Land of the Three Ladies Divine commemorate the Battle of Myrkviðr and the late High Queen Hervör's ultimate sacrifice in the batttle aforesaid, giving her life, while defending Heartland Isle against the Harkalegar, the infamous invading barbarian horde.


Permit me to say that the Battle of Myrkviðr is one of the most important events in the Old Tale and therefore also of the formation of the High Realm of Stormark.


Allow me to express that the Battle of Myrkviðr will not ever be forgotten!


Let us now mourn and honour the memory of High Queen Hervör and all other Stormarkers who died at the Battle of Myrkviðr.

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Let Us always remember her martyrdom!! Without her, Stormark would be in the hands of evil trolls. Away, evil! Hail Hervor! Hail Hervor! See you in Vanaheim!

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