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The High Realm of Stormark
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Theme of Snæland

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Lo, fellow Patricians!


What is the theme of the Jarldom of Snæland?

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I'd amend that.


There is very much no reason to do so.


I'd amend that. Iceland in those days practised institutionalized infanticide.
Article VII.

Everyone shall have the right to life, personal liberty, integrity and security.


The possibility of institutionalized infanticide is ruled out by the High Law of the High Realm of Stormark, the Supreme Law of the Land, the Fifth Article of the Fifth Chapter in particular.


And they were all Christians. I'm not sure that's the type of theme you'd like in the Snowland Island.


The First Viking Age commenced with the Viking raid on the monestary of Lindisfarne in 793 AD, the Christianisation of Iceland took place around 1000 AD. Since the settlement of Iceland commenced in the 874 AD the island was a predominantly Pagan country for one-and-a-quarter of a century.


Furthermore, there are tens of millions of Christians in Stormark and relations between them and Storish Vanafolk are excellent. For example, my Wife Mortal, High Queen Sigrid, is a Lutheran and we are extremely happily married for years. Patricians such as Jarl Galinn, the Iron Justiciar, and Prince Bjarngeir, the Prose Prince, both Christians, belong to the formost of Stormarkers. On top of that are there also Jarldoms such as Normandie and Sicilia, which are predominantly Christian.

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Lady Valborg,


In those days it was lawful for parents to discard a newborn before he or she received his or her name, this usually happened nine days after a child's birth, and allow the newborn to die of exposure.

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