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The High Realm of Stormark
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High King Harald

Forever Autumn: Official Anthem of the Einherja Jarldom

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Imperial Warrant

WHEREAS Our Viceroyalty of High Queen Hervör Isle, the traditional center of the Remembrance Cult of Our Most Gracious and Most August Late Lady Wife Mortal High Queen Hervör the Einherja, of Blessed, Loving and Grateful Memory, is currently without an Official Anthem;

AND WHEREAS it is Our Most Imperial Opinion that the gorgeous song known as Forever Autumn, which very much reflects Our as well as the Population's mood after the most heroic death of Our Lady Wife Mortal and High Queen Hervör in the Battle of Myrkviðr, would be a fitting Official Anthem for the Einherja Jarldom;

LET IT THEREFORE BE KNOWN that We, by this Our Imperial Instrument, in the exercise of Our Most Ancient Prerogative Imperial and Our Capacity of Jarl-at-Large of all Our Jarlless Jarldoms declare that upon the coming into effect of this Our Imperial Instrument the song known as Forever Autumn shall be the Official Anthem of Our Viceroyalty of High Queen Hervör Isle.

This Our Imperial Instrument shall come into effect immediately.

I djúpinu hár dit gívit oss glédina at átá, gilda o gárna dit innannemnda, órd fur órd, som lá.

So be it!!

Given at the Court of the Three Ladies Divine, since time immemorial situated at the Vanadísarhall in the Imperial City of Haraldsborg in Our Jarldom of Gularike, on this Day of the Lady Sól, the Tenth Day of the Month Himinbjorg in the Eleventh Year of the Second Viking Age in the Second Epoch of Our High Realm.



Haraldur Freyjugjöf af Ættingjunum Freyju, Yfirkonungur Stórmerkur

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