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The High Realm of Stormark
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High King Harald

Letter of Affection to Kaiser Aleksander Wilhelm III of the United Empire of Ländersreich on 26 Noatun 11

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By Harald Freyjugjöf the Generous Giver of the House of the Descendants of Freyja of the Ancient Blood of Long Lost Valtia and of the Most Sacred Blood of the Lady of the Vanir before that, Sacred Consort of the Most Gracious and Most Generous Ladies Divine Frigga, Freyja and Idunn, by Conquest, Popular Acclamation and the Indulgence of the said Fulltrui and Sacred Queens, High King of Stormark, Sovereign Lord on all Continents;


A Letter of Affection


Imperial Cousin Alexander, Greetings;


We are delighted to hear from you after all these years and sincerely hope that you and your family are well and in good health. I'm, however, also quite saddened to hear about your and your family's plight but highly commend you on being able to keep together the collection of Family antiquities that you managed to salvage from Asheriana Imperial Palace under such difficult circumstances as you have been in during the years after your involuntary depature from Ländersreich.

We would be most happy to receive you and your family into the High Realm as our permanent guests and shall make arrangements to bring you, your family and the aforementioned Family antiquities as well as one's personal belongings over from wherever you currently live to the Lands of the Longships Throne. The same shall apply to finding you and your family an estate in or around Etinhof City befitting your august station to permanently reside in.

Given at the Vanadísarhall in the Imperial City of Haraldsborg, in Our Jarldom of Gularike, on this Day of the Ladies Divine Frigga, Freyja and Idunn, Fulltrui and Sacred Queens of Stormark since time immemorial, the Twenty Sixth Day of the Month Noatun in the Eleventh Year of the Second Viking Age in the Second Epoch of Our High Realm.








Your Cousin Harald,





Haraldur Freyjugjöf af Ættingjunum Freyju, Yfirkonungur Stórmerkur

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