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The High Realm of Stormark
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Galinn Karisson

Sicilian Reform

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In the spirit of the various reforms taking place all over the High Realm, I am announcing plans for an updating of the institutions, history, and laws of the Jarldom of Sicilia. My hope is to start re-energizing the Italo-Norman-Arab roots of real world Southern Italy and Sicily, while also bringing a more European medieval atmosphere to this part of Stormark.


Within the next few weeks I will try to lay out some new fundamental laws (or Assizes) to give a better form to the Jarldom as a whole. Then, hopefully, continue on with a more organized catalogue of landmarks of Sicilia, and hopefully a more concrete timeline.


Lastly, I welcome any suggestions people might have in my endevours, and will certainly take them under advisement.

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Your Grace,


Have you ever read the Assizes of Ariano, the Assizes of the macronational Sicilia?

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