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The High Realm of Stormark
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Basic Gascon

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(Compiled by Jeremy, Duke of Gascony)


Hello: Salud

Welcome: Bienv'nu

Hello and Welcome to Gascony/Bosworth: Salud et bienv'nu naar Gascí/Bosahne

Gascon: Gasciais

Yes: Ya

No: Non

Goodbye: Noziens

How are you?: Mat an ous?

I'm fine: Ne ben bieauté

Not too good: Niet lian bon

Thank you: Trugarez vous

Please: Plijet

Excuse me: Pardon ne

And: Et

Good Morning: Nozmorgen

Good Afternoon: Nozdemat

Good Evening: Nozvehz

Good Night: Noznacht

Have a nice day: Aver bieauté jour

I don't understand: Ne non gomprenan

Do you speak Gascon?: Vous parlare Gasciais?

Sorry: Digarez

Excuse me: Eskuzit me

Help: Sikour!

I love you: Ne amor vous.

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