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The High Realm of Stormark
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A letter dipatched to the Jarla...



My dear Lady Jarla,



How I wanted to visit you on these Irenic Islands of yours!


I decided upon a surprise visit going by unregistered ship from Haraldsborg to Haldarsvik Islands. I'm afraid we couldn't find good seacharts nor anything such, but we, that is to say, the crew, some friends of mine and I, thought that it wouldn't be too difficult finding those islands of yours. I mean, they're not incredibly small! And they should like somewhere between Etinhof Island and the western Eidsiva and Frosta coasts.


And onboard the ship we went. Just a few hours off Haraldsborg harbour, we managed to get into a storm. Yes, my luck exactly. Our engines were shut off and we drifted for the night. In the morning when light and calm had calm, we needed to refuel so we headed for the Gralan island harbour of Paribia. Staying there for three hours, not knowing the bloody language spoken, we were highly annoyed when the customs officers deported us. The coast guards escorted us to the Alexandrian part of Kendall Isle, just north of Paribia main island. Finally, civilization! The Alexandrian coast guard took good care of us and gave us the advice "Por las islas Haldarsvik, vayan hacia el noroeste!" (just head northwest!)


Easily enough, we thought. They also told us to stay clear of Gralan ships and islands in the area. There should only be two islands there that are Gralan. Ah well. Only two islands, we thought, that won't be much of a problem....


But what can I say? Our stupid captain managed to head directly for Jamira. The coast guard there almost rammed us. I suppose that the Jamira coat guard had received information on our ship from Paribia. They were highly annoyed screaming over the radio "YOU ARE MAKING ACTS OF AGGRESSION!" We vehemently denied any acts of aggression, but were nonetheless escorted to Jamira harbour, where they seized our ship and flew us to Geneva out of all places!


Look, jarla, I am very irritated that I couldn't find your islands. I put all blame on you for not providing good maps of where your islands are or which ones of the islands in that sea belong to you! I expect that you will pay what we owe the Gralan customs for all airtickets for me and my entourage to Geneva.


Yours sincerely,





(read and laugh,lady Sigridrifa :))

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