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Announcement concerning the Catologian States

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Announcement concerning the Catologian States

Source: http://batavie.nl/forum/viewtopic.php?f=34...;p=52549#p52549


Greetings, Gasconians!

The Batavian-Catologian Church reigns those beautiful lands, just like it reigns the neighbouring (Batavian) Prince-bishopric of Catologum. In the near future I will move the administrative capital of the Church to Constantium, a city which will be build from nothing at the Gasconian coast. It will become the capital of the Catologian (or 'Churchal') States, a kind of union between Gascony and Catologum under the ecclesiastical authorities.


I also announced several future goals of the Church, next to establishing a new capital: expanding the list of saints and restoring order so pilgrims can safely travel through our lands. Several ancient unpopular gods will disappear in silence while a popular goddess like Freyja or god as Sakat could be added to the Batavian pantheon too (so bringing our nations and religions more together).


A time ago I published the Dux Catonis, a book with several catologian stories. I'm tempted to let it get translated. But I think I will wait until there's some interest and perhaps until I have added some more stories.




(I hope I have kept you all a bit up-to-date by posting this ;) ).

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