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The High Realm of Stormark
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On Jarldom Development, Role Playing and Story Writing

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On Jarldom Development, Role Playing and Story Writing

On Jarldom Development

Developing a Jarldom is a matter of creative writing by writing stories and descriptions, posting pictures and other graphics, and interacting with your fellow Patricians through simply talking about all kind of matters concerning the Jarldom and role play.

You could write descriptions about any all matters concerning the Jarldom, such as its customs, traditions, climate, features, landscape, industry, cities, towns, villages, population, trade, sources of revenue, etc. Your imagination is the only limit!

On Role Playing

Role Playing is for the Patricians of Stormark a fun way to interact with each other, to be creative and express oneself. It is also an excellent way to develop your character as well the nation. In the High Realm of Stormark people role play about almost anything. From important state events to scenes from daily life. Examples of the aforementioned are the Investiture of the Jarl of Freyja's Necklace, an ancient memory restoration ritual, and a couple of friends having fun in an outdoor hot tub.

Sim-IDs play an important role with regard to roleplaying. A Sim-ID is an account that you are allowed to have in addition to your main user account to role play rank-and-file jobs in the government like secretaries, spokespersons or assistants, or holders of non-governmental jobs/positions, or other capacities/characters.

The purpose of Sim-IDs is to enhance the simulational experience of the Patricians of Stormark by creating more opportunities and possibilities for roleplaying. They, for example, allow the Heir to the Throne to play a waitress and a bad princess. Sim-IDs, of course, do not count towards Stormark's Real Population Count and therefore the Quarterly Census may only be signed with one's main user account.

Sim-ID(s) are to be introduced to Stormarkian Society in this thread. For the sake of transparency, a list of all Sim-IDs is provided to the Law Court of Last Resort which serves as Court of Record and maintains the Public Register of Sim-IDs.

Any Patrician of Stormark wishing to create one or more Sim-IDs shall send High King Harald a Private Message providing Him with the name(s) of the proposed Sim-ID(s) and the reason(s) why you would like to create that/those Sim-ID(s). After having received approval from High King Harald, you may create your Sim-ID and then He will put the Sim-ID in the special user group for Sim-IDs.

On Story Writing

For the Patricians of Stormark story writing is another fun way to be creative, express oneself and contribute to the community. Stories that you write must be set in the Jarldom of Stormark that you reside in, or in a Jarldom or Institution that the House of the High Realm you belong to controls, or a Jarlless Jarldom that your House of the High Realm wishes to acquire. You may, of course, also write a story set in any Jarldom with the permission of its Jarl. Imperial Scribes, however, have the authority to write stories about any part of the High Realm of Stormark.

Patricians of Stormark have over the years of this Viking Nation's existence written all kind of stories ranging from the Old Tale, the Saga of Stormark's Creation, through a good old Viking story such as the (micronationally) award winning Rauðbjörn's Saga to Sacred Erotica such as Freyja's Nightly Love Celebration.

Please note that offensive or inappropriate stories will be removed immediately. In the High Realm of Stormark, however, having been heavily influenced by the Ways of the Vanir, stories with sexual situations which honour the Divine Feminine, the Heart, and the Divine Masculine are not deemed offensive or inappropriate as long as those sexual situations are well-written, artsy, classy and tasteful.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the Q&A on Jarldom Development, Role Playing and Story Writing or send me a Private Message.

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