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The High Realm of Stormark
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Lady Unna

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My dear Lady Unna:


May the blessings of all the Powers follow you!


In the name of that which we hold dear, I bid you greetings, you and your House! May all things good turn to you, my dear Lady.


As I walked through the gardens of Sessrumnir, I realized that this temple, this city and these islands are not for me to handle, for me adjudge and for me to make law. I believe they should be yours.


The House of Vanadís should govern the holiest sites of Vanadís herself!


And let me, my Lady, take care of the islands which brought birth to me. My father, Audon, begat me on those islands. Notonly was he king of Nidaros but also duke of the Losalfareyjar. As such, my Lady, I would ask you to let me be the jarl of those islands, for the sake of my history to them, and for you to govern the palaces and islands of Freyja.


O, my lady, whom our most gracious divine Lady has shone upon, may you grant this my wish, in the name of our friendship!


Humbly yours,



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Jarl Daniel,


I would indeed be very willing to move to the Brísingamen Jarldom to take up its Jarlship. There couldn't be a better place to rule for the House of Vanadís than Lady Freyja's most sacred isles.

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My dear Lady Unna! Such words bring warm feelings to my heart! Let us here and now enter such accord! Let the High King be our witness, and may the High Council of the Realm ratify it!

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