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Religious tests

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Well, so I thought I might give you a question for you to solve. Don't be in any rush.




Is it legal for a house to apply religious tests for membership in a house?

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According to the rights afforded to any citizen of Stormark by High Law, there is freedom of religion. As far as I can see there is nothing saying you cannot in High Law. According to Chapter 7, Article 5 of High Law:


Houses of the High Realm shall exist to increase the character and style of the High Realm by culturally developing itself and the subdivisions they may control. They shall also provide the Citizens of Stormark with a fun and pleasant home within the home. The Houses of the High Realm shall also be a source of politicking, intrigue and lighthearted feudal fist-and-elbow work.


I think religious houses follow the spirit of this law. To back it up:


The Houses Royal, Major and Minor of the High Realm shall be governed by the High Law and Acts of the Althing. They may internally organise themselves as they see fit. The rank-and-file members of the Houses Royal, Major and Minor of the High Realm, aside from those who have Noble or Royal Status, shall be known as House Udallers.


Thus, if you wish to administer and regulate the house in a theocratic fashion, there is nothing stopping you according to High Law. However, there is nothing in High Law saying that a citizen cannot bring a civil suit against the house for denial of membership based on the grounds of High Law stating no discrimination based on religion or anything else (Ch. 5, Art. 4). These laws conflict somewhat in this matter but I believe the spirit of the law says you can. It is no different than having to be Catholic to be a Catholic priest in the US, when we have freedom of religion.


So a boiled down answer for you would be yes, I would say it is legal for you to do so without any serious worries.

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