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The High Realm of Stormark
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Some basic principles of my tenure here

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I figure laying out some of the things I plan on doing and so forth might be a good idea. So here it goes -


  • Providing legal council to the royalty on any legal matters which trouble them. But also -
  • To provide legal advice to anyone in Stormark, helping them with legal matters and/or getting them legal representation within the High Realm.
  • Representing the government of Stormark in court cases throughout the realm.
  • Making the law of Stormark more accessible to everyone, so that people will be able to better understand it.
  • Minimalistic bureaucracy for a more transparent and easy to understand legal process.


That may not sound like a lot, but this is still a micronation, and that does go over the primary functions of the Attorney General. The most important and primary function of the Attorney General is to provide legal council to the government. So expect me to chime in discussions and debates with a legal perspective. But I also hope to do it for more than just the monarchy, anyone wanting legal advice can come to this office and seek my council on any matter. Another duty of the Attorney General is to represent the government in court cases. In most cases this is done by the Solicitor General, but I do not feel a bigger bureaucracy is the solution to anything. Representing the High Realm in any court cases will be the duty of this office on the basis that this office is already the legal council of the government. The less red tape, the better, because there is no sense in mummifying people in it.

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Excellent way of excuting the office of Attorney-General! :thumbsup:

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