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Religious Convention

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And I welcome you to our Temple in Haraldsborg!


Thank you, Jonas. I will research a bit more on Catologism and flavour it Aniara :)


Aniara is not the name of a faith, but of an organization/house and the culture of it.

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The Templar Council of Aniara at Haraldsborg (Haraldsborgjar Aniarehovsråd) is pleased to announce the first stage of research into the Catology of Aniara and Stormark, with the following terms and powers translated into the tongue of the fellowship of Aniara.

Alejia --- Alædjia
archbishop --- rikssjåar, -ar
archdiocese --- sjåararik
Avius B. --- Avje av Batavonom
bishop --- sjåar, -ar
Charlotya --- Kærletya
Crylonda --- Krylonda
Davilius --- Davilje
diocese --- sjåaradøm
House of Batavia --- Batavahus
House of Spes --- Spæsarhus
Ingela B. --- Ingela av Batavonom
Justitia B. --- Justisja av Batavonom
Koki --- Kokja
Milyos --- Miljos
Mog --- Mog
Polys --- Polys
Pontifex B. --- Pontifeks av Batavonom
Regius B. --- Rægjus av Batavonom
Rhéjá --- Reja
Spes --- Spæs
Stora --- Stora
Weckgut --- Væggud

The Templar Council further enquires of the possibility of the Aniara Temple to house the Catologian (arch)bishop in Stormark ((Arch)diocese of Haraldsborg), perhaps, with lesser dioceses and bishops within it. A special house within the faith of Aniaro-Catology with the attributes of gods and goddesses not explained in the present houses of the faith of Batavia and Flanders, etc, would be desirable. The Council is sure that regarding certain gods and goddesses in the present census of god(esse)s would mean that they just have different names in the Old Ways of Aniara.

Thank you.

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Thank you, Archbishop Windsor.


I would like to begin by saying it is an honor to address this convention. Although I have been happy to create a little niche for Christianity in Stormark, I have also been troubled by the idea of simulating a real faith within micronationalism. My research into Catologism has provided me with some interesting thoughts on a new religious movement in Stormark. I would like to explore the creation of a branch of Catologism which is specifically monotheist, that is, focusing on the worship of Cato alone. It would be a way to avoid the various controversies and divisons in bringing up the teachings and legacies Christianity or Judaism or Islam and provide a broader way to participate in theological discussion and simulation more broadly. As I have learned, Catologism does not prevent monotheism; thus I feel it would be a good medium between aspects of real monotheist faiths and a micronational simulation.


The central theory of this movement, which I would call Sicilian Catologism, would center around a prophet (or prophets) who appeared centuries ago and preached that other branches of Catologism had strayed, that there was a need to return to the worship of Cato alone. Theologically, it would incorporate the teachings of various macro-faiths (Christianity, Islam, Judaism, etc), but would more likely center on philosophies such as Stoicism (taking a cue from the real-life "Cato"). This would provide a link between the Roman/Italian past of Sicilia, which is where Sicilian Catologism would originate, with the present.


Now, this sect would not seek full-blown independence from Batavian or Stormarkian Catologism. I think the solution to the problem of unity would be to seek not so much a completely unified church, that is, a rigid model like the Roman Catholic Church, but something like Eastern Orthodoxy or the Anglican Communion. That is the various churches would form a "Catologian Communion," the leaders or representatives of the various churches would meet together from time to time, perhaps in a "Catologian Conference" to discuss issues and concerns. All churches would acknowledge the Batavian Catologian Church as the "mother church" (as the Church of England is to Anglicanism), and its Archbishop as the primate of the movement, so to speak, but each church would be allowed complete autonomy and several variants could exist within nations. Ultimately, as long as these branches are united by a conception of faith in Cato, and do not seek to compete with each other or denounce each other, we can maintain Catologian unity while encouraging diversity.


I submit these ideas to the convention for its thoughts and concerns.

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Thank you, Lady Stormarksgythia.


I would like to submit the following as the foundation of Sicilian Catologism, known as the "Statement of Faith":


We believe in One Almighty Deity, Cato;

We believe Cato to be the Creator of the Universe and the Giver of Life;

We believe Cato to be eternal and omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent, infinite and incorporeal;

We believe Cato to be unique and without equal, purely good and loving, without sin or flaw;

We believe Cato to be worthy of worship and reverence through prayer and peaceful sacrifice;

We believe Cato has a Divine Will and a Divine Plan for all humanity;

We believe Cato reveals the Divine Plan through prophets;

We believe in One Universal Church, the instrument of the Divine Plan, faithful to the teachings of the prophets;

We believe we are called to spread these teachings, to fulfill the Divine Plan, and to unite and educate the faithful;

We believe all humanity is called to do good to all and for all, to show love and kindness to all people, and to seek truth always;

We believe through the fulfillment of these principles, and the judgement of Cato, that all people shall enjoy life after death.

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I should restart negotiating about this... I have plans for a kind of acopalypse in the World of Gods of Batavian-Catologism so I can start over with new gods (which are worked out better and have a more decent backstory). I would also add Freyja as Goddess to the list of gods (of course, a Batavian version ;p ), which would make its cult more widespread.

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I would also like to work further upon the proposal of Galinn concerning One Universal Church. I have been thinking and would propose the following: a new office is created, something like Pontifex or Primate, for the head of the universal catologian church (UCC). This position will be elected every 4 months. The seat of the Primate is in Pentapolis (for symbolic reasons), while a conference can assemble somewhere else.

Every registered member of the clericy will have the opportunity to join in debates during the Catologian Conference (which can decree universal edicts concerning church matters). I'm not sure we should grant everyone a vote or just the representatives (the same with the election of the primate).

Reason for this: it keeps the organisation running, allows a bit of competition and at the same time avoids discrimination towards the Stormarkian churches.

So... the UCC will have a kind of government, a diplomatic corps (for signing concordates, looking around for new places to start missions,...) and an army (the Lannion Guard for now, but could be expanded). We could also establish a Treasury to grant active clerics a money bonus. In all this, the local churches will still retain a kind of independence to do whatever they want. ;)

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