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Haakon Udain

Welcome to the Hall of Tyr

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Fellow Citizens of Stormark,


Welcome to the Hall of Tyr, my humble office as the Attorney-General of this High Realm. The role of the Attorney-General is two-fold:

  1. Legal counsel to the High King and his government officers, advising them on the legal issues of the day.
  2. The champion of the rule of law in Stormark, advancing it where possible, and prosecuting offenders against the High King's peace.
All citizens have a duty to know, uphold, and perfect the laws of Stormark. It is my hope that as Attorney-General, I will be able to help you in that task. If you (or any interested visitor to this High Realm) have any questions about the law, or any projects you would like me to undertake, feel free to contact me through this forum.


Your servant,

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