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Galinn Karisson

The Basic Law of the Jarldom of Sicilia

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The Basic Law of the Jarldom of Sicilia

Be it decreed by the Jarl of Sicilia that the following shall be law in the Jarldom:

1. There shall be an assembly to advise the Jarl and legislate for the Jarldom of Sicilia which shall be called the Løgthing.
2. The Løgthing shall consist of all citizens of the Jarldom of Sicilia. Citizenship in the Jarldom and membership in the Løgthing shall be updated in accordance with a quarterly census for the Jarldom.
3. The Jarl may convene the Løgthing for sessions of three months, and may dissolve the Løgthing at his discretion.
4. The Jarl may preside over the Løgthing but shall not have a vote. If the Jarl convenes the Løgthing but does not wish to or cannot preside, the Løgthing shall elect a Løgsøgumaður for the duration of a term to preside over the assembly in the absence of the Jarl.
5. The Løgthing may establish its own rules for procedure and conduct.
6. A resolution shall be passed by a simple majority of the Løgthing. A resolution which intends to legislate must receive the assent of the Jarl in order to become law. A resolution advising the Jarl does not require the assent of the Jarl.
7. The Løgthing shall only legislate on those matters which are allowed to the Jarldom by the High Law.
8. The Jarl shall have the right to legislate by decree outside of the Løgthing.
9. This decree shall be known as the “Basic Law of the Jarldom of Sicilia.”

Given this day 13 Himinbjorg, in the Ninth Year of the Viking Age.


Jarl of Sicilia

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