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The High Realm of Stormark
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High King Harald

Instrument of Resumption

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Instrument of Resumption

To all Our Well-Beloved Royals, Nobles and Knights, and all Our other Well-Beloved Citizens whatsoever to whom these Presents shall come, Greetings:

WHEREAS We are compelled by Our Imperial Duty to govern Our Most Sovereign and Noble Viking Empire with Wisdom and Due Diligence;

AND WHEREAS the issues concerning Our internet connection caused by macronational relocation issues which left Us unable to attend to the government of the Lands of the Longships Throne which compelled Us, in the exercise of Our Imperial Duty, to call for a Period of Regency have been solved;

LET IT THEREFORE BE KNOWN that We, Harald Thorstein I the Generous Giver, The Eternal Sovereign Viking Emperor, Sovereign Lord on all Continents, Perpetual Protector of the People of Stormark, Perpetual Defender of the Viking Nation, Eternal Guardian of the Sacred Islands, Paramount Chieftain of the Ancient Tribes of the Heartland, Most Noble Sovereign of the Lands of Stormark, Supreme Lord of the Lands of the Crown of Saint Harald, Supreme Lord of the Lands of the Longships Throne, Sovereign Lord of the Kejsarinna Asa Isles, Sovereign Lord of Vinland, King of Anglethyr, King of Bondegard, King of the Islands of the Ancient Ways, King of Marthunia, King of Merlaide, King of the Mysterious Isles, King of Thydtwinnster, Living Saint of the Most Holy Nidarosian Church, Solver of the Ancient Enigma, Keeper of the Freyja Treasure, Protector of Love and Liberty, Keeper of the Most Sacred Instruments, Lord of the Conquest, Navigation and Commerce of the Imperial Colonies, Hero of the Old Tale, Freyjagothi to the Temple of Love, Imperial Prince of Thule, Imperial Prince of Inis Fer Falga, Prince Imperial of Alexandria, Fils d'Alexandrie, Prince of the Blood, Prince of Antioch, Prince of Arietta, Prince of Lichtenbad, Prince of Malisko, Duke of Frøyalan, Duke of Normandie, Duke of Pond Isle, Duke of Port Chloe, Marquis of Beaulieu, Marquis Thorstein, Earl of An Chláir, Earl of Carrick, Earl of Fife, Earl of the Trondelag, Count of Cimmeria and Avaldsnes, Count of La Marche, Count of Poitou, Count of Quercy, Baron of Einmar, Baron of Falster, Baronet of Holmborg, Baronet of Robland, Lord Mayor of Avaldsnes, Lord of the Two Peninsulas, Lord of the Isle St. Jean, Lord of the Longships Islands and Lord of the Isles, do by this Our Imperial Instrument, in the exercise of Our Most Ancient Prerogative Imperial, declare that We are fit, able and willing to resume the Reins of Government.

BE IT ALSO KNOWN that in consequence of the aforesaid the Period of Regency that commenced in the Lands of the Longships Throne and the government of Our Most Sovereign and Noble Viking Empire that Day of the Lady Freyja known as the Twenty Sixth Day of the Month Vidiland shall end, effective immediately, on this Day of the Lady Freyja.

So be it!!

Given at Our Hall in Haraldsborg, in Our Thanedom of Gulathing, under Our Hand and the Great Seal of Our Most Sovereign and Noble Viking Empire, on this Day of the Lady Freyja, the First Day of the Month Noatun in the Nineth Year of the Second Viking Age in the Second Epoch of Our Most Sovereign and Noble Viking Empire.



Haraldr, Eilífur Þjóðhöfðingi Víkingur Keisari

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