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Aoife the Celt

Writ of Special Session

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Writ of Special Session

I, Lady Aoife the Celt, by the Generosity and Grace of Our Most Sovereign Lord, the Eternal Viking Emperor, Law Speaker of the Althing, do by this Instrument call a Special Session of the Althing of Stormark to sit as Lagthing to discuss, debate and decide upon the Anglo - Viking Treaty (Ratification) Bill. The Special Session of the Althing of Stormark shall commence immediately after the issuance of this Writ of Special Session and shall end in accordance with venerable tradition and ancient custom.

Issued from the Látálarinrúm this 8th day of Vidiland in the Nineth Year of the Second Viking Age.


Lady Aoife the Celt,
Law Speaker of the Althing.

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