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The High Realm of Stormark
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Björn Ironfist

A Request

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I wanted to know if it would be acceptable for me, as a proud son of the Imperial Navy, to write and compose music for a Naval Hymn. I have already begun to fiddle with the score, and once completed, I will write words suitable to both the Navy and the music. Just wanted to know if this was something that would eventually find an official home here.




Your Majesty, Fellow Stormarkers,


Obviously I didn't wait for a reply. I spent the last 12 hours hard at work on this idea. Basically, I got all obsessed with the thought of creating this, so I just went full-out. Anyway - I have composed a musical number for use by our Imperial Navy. Below you will find the music as well as the lyrics for what I hope will become the Imperial Navy Hymn. The music is a mere two minutes long (it is actually just over one minute, but looped to go twice as long), but took quite a while to compose. The lyrics match the music as best as I could manage. After looking over other military hymns, I discover that the most popular parts of many are only around a minute long, so I guess I didn't do so poorly after all! I really hope everyone likes this. (click the link to have the song play in your browser)


Imperial Navy Hymn (I Hope)



"Mother Stormark, Father Ocean"


Though we will always roam

Far from our native home


We brave sailors never fear

Father Ocean holds us dear


Kith and kin and land

We guard at thy command


Serving proudly, never fault

Mother Stormark, we exalt


When 'er the time will come

For cannons to become


Speakers of our will and might

Shining as a beacon bright


We shall stay the course

All will know that we are norse


Vikings powerful and bold

To Mother Stormark we shall hold

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Björn Ironfist,


You really did some fine work!

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The lyrics are boss! Does anyone have the music file? That link is dead

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