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The High Realm of Stormark
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Stormark’s Defence Strategy

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Stormark’s Defence Strategy


Stormark’s defence strategy hinges upon a specific framework, which underlies both Stormark’s action on the international scene and the national policies pertaining to military planning and the use of force.


The defence Policy must guarantee the security of institutions, populations, goods and assets. It must thus come together and be well in line with both the Stormarkian MCS commitment and an active policy for diplomatic, economic and cultural influence on the continents of Micras. In this respect, the military strategy stands as a fully-fledged political instrument, one which notably takes in the lastingness of a successful armament industry capable of managing the strategic centres of excellence.


Moreover, domestic and external threats become increasingly connected and are asymmetric in nature, which tends to merge the concepts of security and defence.


Vikings’s defence strategy, his action on the international scene and the national policies regarding the use of forces and the military planning hinge upon this framework.




1 - Crisis Prevention


Today more than ever, Stormark’s security requires responding to threats beyond his borders. The aim is now to prevent or curb any crisis liable to directly or indirectly affect MCS or our Allies, whether within or far away from the Empire.


The prevention of international conflicts calls for an active global process of armament control. This approach covers the fight against proliferation, in particular against weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and shall find concrete expression in the signature, among other things, of the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) in the nuclear area.


2 - International legitimacy


In order to further, within the international community, the very principles of law that we promote, Stormark wishes to bolster the role of MCS. Stormark rejects any concept of pre-emptive self-defence or retaliation and favours a principle pivotal to a viable, sustainable international security system : that of inter-State cooperation.


3 - International solidarity


To be successful, any policy for stability and security demands a feeling of trust among all the players concerned. For this reason, Stormark primarily sees to abide by its multi- or bi-lateral commitments. The Viking Empire sets great store to Micras, where we intend to contribute to the development and political stability.


Stormark actively contributes to military operations, to the definition of the major guidelines for MCS reform and for the security of member-States.


4 - Micras dimension


The Viking Empire has decided to focus on resolutely speeding up a common MCS approach to crisis and conflict settlement, regarding both situation assessment and the selection and implementation of strategic options.


The Micras security linchpin is meant to be complementary with well-balanced partnerships and tailoring its capabilities and organisation to the new challenges.





1 - Decision-making autonomy


The Viking Empire intends to keep its ability to act alone, should its national interests or its bilateral commitments demand so. In this respect, Stormark needs to enjoy autonomous capabilities of planning and situation awareness, so at to preserve its ability to take initiatives.


All these national capabilities may, if necessary, be made available to MCS organizations.


2 - Fair adequacy


The principle of adequacy primarily applies to the size of the defence tool, but also to its operational use. It especially consists in adjusting the defence tool to the minimum requirements and is directly applied for defining the extent of conventional military capabilities.


The principle of adequacy implies a full control on the use of forces, so as to always adjust this use to the minimum required to achieve the expected results.



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