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The High Realm of Stormark
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Stormark's Military Strategy

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Stormark’s military strategy hinges upon four key strategic functions : prevention, protection, projection and deterrence.


Stormark’s overall military strategy includes, on the one hand, a permanent security base tailored to developments in the strategic environment and on the other hand, the principles for contingency overseas interventions of its armed forces. This strategy hinges upon four key-functions.


- prevention,

- protection,

- projection,

- deterrence.


Prevention consists in anticipating the emergence of crises or conflict situations, preventing the use of force and maintaining crisis at the lowest possible level.


It requires the ability to anticipate and autonomously assess situations. It relies on diplomatic means for pacific conflict settlement and on arms control policies. At the military level, prevention mostly hinges upon :


- intelligence means, provided by human sources or new technologies,

- pre-positioned forces overseas,

- co-operative and control processes for treaties’ enforcement.


Protection of the national territory, which must be guaranteed regardless of circumstances, is a crucial mission of the Armed Forces. It ensures the safeguard of the population, the territory’s security and integrity, as well as the running of institutions and socio-economic activities.


Within this scope, the armed forces are in charge of protecting the land, air and sea spaces. This mission is in particular performed through the continuous actions of the Army, as well as the permanent postures for maritime safety (anti-pollution, sea rescue, fights against traffics) and for air safety (aircraft rescue, detection and intervention).


In exceptional circumstances (natural or industrial disasters), the Armed Forces are entitled to strengthen the system implemented by civilian authorities.


Projection covers all interventions and uses of forces outside the national borders. The aim is to be able to deploy forces (troops, weapon systems and associated logistics) in places located several thousand kilometres away under short notice, send an adequate force, support it in the long term and prepare the return to peace.


Deterrence stands as a crucial guarantee for Stormark’s existence. It hinges upon the awareness of any potential enemy, of the unbearable risks that any act of aggression against Stormark or its interest could entail. It is the instrument of a genuine political and strategic autonomy.



These four strategic functions and the associated courses of action demand that the Imperial Armed Forces has adequate military capabilities and sufficient resources


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