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Sigrdrífa the Priestess

Valkyries - The Choosers of the Slain

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The Valkyries were created by Odin and serve him loyally, but they are not truly gods in the same sense as the Lesser and Greater Gods. They are more accurately demigods, lacking all of the powers of even the Lesser Aesir and Vanir. They remain powerful creatures, however, with whom a wise person does not trifle.


All Valkyries are female. They are beautiful warriors whose job it is to inspire mortals to greatness and to conduct the worthy fallen to Valhalla. While not technically Aesir themselves, they cherish the Aesir ideals of heroism and battlefield greatness. Consequently, they frequently encourage mortals to take up arms for the purposes of winning glory for themselves and for the gods.


Odin has specifically tasked the Valkyries with finding the fallen and bringing them to Valhalla. Those who die bravely and those who win glory in Odin's or Freya's name are brought to the great hall in Asgard. There, they battle during the day and feast at night, all in preparation for the final battle of Ragnarok when they will fight at Odin's side. The most worthy of these are chosen to be Einherjar, the elite guard assigned to Odin and Freyja.


Valkyries are the epitome of great warriors. This includes the weapons they wield and how they use them. Valkyries begin with mastery of weapons and armor of their choice. In addition, any weapon a Valkyrie picks up is considered mastered so long as she is wielding it.


Freyja is the Queen of the Valkyries and often fights with them in great battles. In some ways, she is like a Valkyrie herself, being a phenomenal warrior and possessing all their powers and abilities. She is, of course, far greater than even these glorious women, being a true Goddess the equal of Odin himself.

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